Peregrine to Commence Drilling Kimberlite Targets in Botswana


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Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. (“Peregrine” or “the Company”) (TSX:PGD) is pleased to announce that mobilization of a rotary air-blast (RAB) drill rig has commenced and drilling is expected to begin on October 23 on the first of four kimberlite targets at its 100% owned Moralane license in east-central Botswana, and to provide an update on exploration activities for three other project areas in Botswana.

  • Target 15-10S measures 540 x 200 metres with a modelled target depth of 60-80 metres.
  • Target 15-10N measures 535 x 360 metres with a modelled target depth of 120-130 metres.
  • Target 15-07 is 38 hectares with a modelled target depth of 100 metres.
  • Target 15-11 is 500 metres in diameter with a modelled target depth of 120-130 metres.

The Kalahari overburden in the vicinity of the Moralane drill targets is known from prior drilling to vary from 10 to 25 metres depth, and is underlain by up to 240 metres of Late Triassic to Early Jurassic Upper Karoo sediments. The Moralane kimberlite drill targets are modelled to intrude these Karoo sediments and this setting could accommodate causative magnetic sources with ages consistent with the Late Triassic Jwaneng kimberlites.

A total of 570 metres in four vertical holes will be drilled in this first phase. Drilling is expected to be completed in early November.

Dr. Herman Grutter, Vice President, Technical Services said, “The Moralane area hosts some of the most compelling and unexplained indicator mineral chemistry in Botswana. These indicator minerals are compositionally unique within the Botswana context and cannot be explained by any of the known kimberlite clusters in the region. The diamond potential as shown by this chemistry is similar to KIM chemistry from such well known diamond mines as Finsch (over 130 million carats produced to date), and Jwaneng (currently produces 11 million carats per year). We are looking forward to resolving the source of these KIMs through this focussed drill program.”

Target Generation at Malolwane, Gope and Nata
In addition to the drilling at Moralane, the Company is generating additional targets as outlined in a press release dated July 14, 2015.

At Malolwane, Peregrine holds one license covering 251 km2 in a region with little or no Kalahari cover. Two hundred and eighty four kimberlite indicator mineral samples have been collected on a nominal 400 metre spaced grid across an area where previous operators reported erratic above-background KIM counts. Approximately half of the samples have been processed to a clean concentrate and KIM recovery and sorting will commence shortly. Results from this program will be used to identify and prioritise drill targets in the Malolwane area.

At Gope, Peregrine holds two licences covering 1,001 km2, located 15 kilometres north and six kilometres west respectively, of the Ghaghoo diamond mine in the Gope kimberlite field, currently being developed by Gem Diamonds. Peregrine has recently completed detailed re-interpretation of 2004-era high-resolution airborne magnetic data covering the entire Gope project area. Twenty geophysical anomalies were identified with five selected for continued modelling as potential drill targets with diameters of 340 to 500 m at depths ranging from 70 to 120 metres. Surficial KIM sampling across these five targets and five additional targets is scheduled for late October 2015. Drill testing of KIM-positive priority targets is planned for 2016.

At Nata, Peregrine holds four licences covering 3,830 km2. Regional airborne geophysics has highlighted a number of areas that warrant follow-up exploration. Ground checking and KIM soil sampling of select airborne magnetic anomalies is scheduled for mid-November 2015.

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