Diamond Exploration Strategies (Pty) Ltd (DES)., a private company registered in the UK., owns 100% of Diamexstrat Botswana (Pty) Ltd., which has 2,053 km2 of highly prospective diamond prospecting licences in Botswana.

DES’s portfolio encompasses prospective greenfields terrain, drill-ready targets and under-explored known kimberlites in brownfields terrain which contain established mines and other diamondiferous kimberlites.

Botswana is the premier country for diamond exploration world-wide due to its unique diamond-favourable geology, stable political environment and low operating cost structures, and diamonds are currently one of the mineral commodities predicted to have significant growth potential due to growing consumer markets and supply/demand shortfalls.

PROJECTS: Overview-Map V2

Sikwane Project

There are 9 known kimberlites in the DES Sikwane Prospecting Licences. These were previously drilled, modelled and relinquished by De Beers due to their small size …


Gope North and ‘Sliver’ Project

The central Kalahari is one of the last frontiers for greenfield kimberlite discovery in Botswana owing to substantial sand cover which frustrates conventional …


Mmashoro Project

After discovering BK18 in 1990, De Beers through its delineation drilling estimated the size of BK18 as being only a 1 hectare kimberlite which is a complete mismatch with the large size of its associated magnetic anomaly in both airborne and ground magnetic surveys conducted.


Moralane Project

DES’s Moralane prospecting licence contains a very significant kimberlite indicator mineral anomaly previously identified by De Beers. The mineral chemistry is of …


Nata Project

DES’s Nata prospecting licences lie along the Cretaceous Kimberlite Corridor at the right position where an additional kimberlite cluster would be expected based on the cluster spacing along the corridor.