• Two kimberlites/”related” bodies were discovered by SAMC in the Mosomane area in 1998. The bodies have been described as kimberlites, related rocks and melnoites and consist of a sill, subcropping over a large area of several square kilometres and a dyke with a strike distance of more than a kilometre.
  • Further work was undertaken by Daheng in 2006, who took additional samples, undertook core drilling and excavated at least one pit. One micro-diamond sample yielded 7 diamonds (including a macro-diamond of 0.54mm) from 30kg. The programme appears to have been terminated prematurely due to a lack of funding.
  • Analysis of Daheng’s work by DES indicates that the bodies are diamondiferous lamproites, and that there are at least two other likely similar bodies in the area.
  • GPR surveys over the known lamproites has shown that this is a useful technology for outlining the bodies.
  • Sampling 2km to the west and 7km to the east of the known sill and dyke bodies recovered probe-confirmed kimberlitic ilmenites in soil samples over sill-like bodies interpreted from Ground Penetrating Radar data.
  • Two sites have been identified for core drilling for further analysis including micro-diamond studies. Applications have been made for the required environmental permits for this drilling programme.


Diamond Exploration Strategies (DES) Projects - Mosomane Project

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