• DES has entered into an “Option Agreement” with Pangolin Diamonds that will enable DES and its alliance partners to earn into any discovery made on their PL 172/2020.
  • A widely-accepted hypothesis proposes a Cretaceous drainage crossing the Orapa area from the northwest towards the Limpopo River for over 30 million years before being cut off by the Ovambo-Kalahari-Zimbabwe (OKZ) axis 20million to 30million years ago.
  • Diamonds recovered in the lower Motloutse River suggest that the Palaeo-Motloutse (west of the OKZ axis) may be a target for an alluvial deposit.
  • “Conglomerates” recognised in some historical drill holes in the Nyetse project area may indicate the course of this palaeo-Motloutse drainage, and are most likely to be late Cretaceous or younger, overlying the Karoo basalts.
  • A Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) test survey over the Nyestse channel has shown this technology to be able to identify these gravel horizons.
  • Four sites have been proposed for drilling to ground-truth the GPR channel feature and to provide samples for analysis. Applications have been made for the required environmental permits for this drilling programme.


Diamond Exploration Strategies (DES) Projects - Nyetse Project

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